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QR Code Scanner for Aadhaar Card is available at very good offer prices. We are the Authorised supploer of QR Code Scanner, Fingerprint Scanner and Iris Scanner for Aadhaar Authentication.
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Every Aadhaar Based Application USB Fingerprint scanner with STQC and UIDAI Certification which is mandatory to connect with aadhaar server. Mantra MFS100 is the leading model in this segment with all the cerifications and approvals.Only Mantra Biometric Fingerprint Scanner have option for both types of connecting ports, USB and micro usb in the same device. Contact us for good price of Mantra MFS100 Fingerprint Scanner.
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We are the supplier of GPS system with LAT LONG Reading. Customer can get the latitude and logitude of the location where the gps device is placed with a command in SMS. This GPS system specially focuses on the geographical Location of a person with name of area or latitude longitude code of the area. We are the provide for the complete set with Machine, Server and SIM card.
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Controlling the manpower attendance and preparing salary as per leave records is one of the time taking tasks and human error is more likely to appear in calculation. Using automatic attendance system for office makes it very convenient time saving process with more disciplined and punctual office staff. HR team have all the advantages to avoid manual attendance records, HR employee conflict and the easy to use software tool for taking time attendance reports on a click. This makes the automatic attendance system a necessity for every office factoty school college warehouse and other manpower organizations.
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We are the service provider of School Attendance System with Student School IN & OUT SMS sending to guardians. We deploy intelligent system in schools for automatic attendace through id card generation of SMS and reports on real time basis. This is a RFID technolpgy based system which automatically captures the student attendance record attendance time deliver sms to parents and save reports in server. All the devices internet infrastucture sms infrastructure server and software are installed through our team by taking per student cost which elemenate the maintenance and handeling issues of school an colleges. Contact us for implementation of automatic school attendance system.