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We offer Finest Technolog
We offer Finest Technology by Texecom Security Alarm System for all your Home Office Banks Warehouse or Showroom Security and Rea-Time Information. All Individual Parts of the system can be programmed as per the Requirement with MOTION SENSOR, SHUTTER SENSOR, DOOR SENSOR, GLASS WINDOW SENSOR AND PET IMMUNE SENSORS for sensing the type of object creating the alarms. When you are not at your premises you will get immediate information about intruders, defaulters and burglar’s whoever have entered without your permission.
ELAN USB Fingerprint Dong
ELAN USB Fingerprint Dongle for PC Lock and Windows Login This is single device usd for USB Device for PC login, Folder Lock and Website Lock. Plug & Play USB Fingerprint Device for Computer Windows Login PC Lock and Secure Authentication for Security of Computer Data. This is latest device with software which supports Windows 7 and Wiondows 10 Operating System.
For All EKYC Applications
For All EKYC Applications we have STQC Fingerprint Scanner with USB & Micro USB Connector to be used with Computer & Mobile Phone Applications on Windows & Android Operating System. This Device MFS100 is Compatible for All Aadhar Linked Applications. Contact: +91-11-41011664
We are the Authorized Sup
We are the Authorized Supplier of Aadhar Based Biometric Attendance Machines for Govt. Of India. This is Common Biometric Attendance System with given advance features for easy and useful implementation STQC Certified single finger-print biometric device for AADHAR Authentication and Extractor software / SDK. Enable to support to various RFID readers like proximity reader, MI-fare Reader or HID Reader. Data Retention. No Data loss in case of power failure. Online/Offline software makes individual operation easy to manage. Inbuilt battery backup to ensure 99.9% uptime. Compatible with state of the art time track, Bio-pay software. 1:1 or 1: N Fingerprint Matching Functions. API/SDK for Window (7.0 and above) platform. Plug & Play with any Window (7.0 and above) without need of any additional license. Integrated USB 2.0 type connectivity. Connector Cables to allow connection of the device to Micro USB and Standard USB Ports.
Whitelisted Startek FM220
Whitelisted Startek FM220 for All Aadhar Linked Applications. Startek Fingerprint Scanner is available at very attractive low prices for use with RD service activation on AAdhar server. This biometric scanner can directly be connected to the computer with windows operating system and on mobile phones with android operating system. SDK of the Startek Biometric Scanner is available for Application Developers.