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Advance Model of Mantra I
Advance Model of Mantra Iris Scanner for Aadhar Software Applications. Aadhar Authentication & Aadhar Enrollment which require iris or retina scanning can use iris scanners. Best iris scanner available for Aadhar Linked Applications, Schemes, Govt. Yojana. Keeping in mind the security of user identity iris becomes the need of the day and Mantra Single Iris can fulfill all such requirements.
Iritech iris Scanenr for
Iritech iris Scanenr for Aadhar UCL Application- Aadhar Update Iris We are the sole distributor for Iris Iritech Scanner MK2120UL, Latest model intruduced by Iritech inc. Product is STQC Certified and Works with all the aadhar applications. Contact our Team for Iritech Iris Scabb
IriShield MK 2120UL autho
IriShield MK 2120UL authorised distributor for Iritech Iris scanner for Aadhaar ULTRA-COMPACT, AUTO-CAPTURE IRIS SCANNER, COMPLETE WITH ON-BOARD IRIS RECOGNITION AND A PKI-BASED SECURITY INFRASTRUCTURE THAT ENSURES END-TO-END DATA SECURITY. NOTABLE PROJECTS Aadhaar project (UIDAI), World Food Program, Kenya Ministry of Education, Akshay Kerla etc. We are the only authorised distributor for IriShield MK 2120UL authorised distributor for Iritech Iris scanner for Aadhaar. For more details please contact us on 9811410963 or visit us on:
Iritech Iris Scanner for
Iritech Iris Scanner for Jeevan Praman and Pension Schemes of All States in India. Using iris aadhar identification and verification device Jeevan Pramaan can be achieved easily on real time basis without much paper work. The iris devices used to provide AAdhar linked verification for jeevan praman and pensions are STQC Govt. Certified and approved by all state Governments. We are the supplier for Iritech Single Iris Scanner Model- MK2120UL and Mantra Single Iris Scanner- MIS100. Call our team for your requirements and supply of the given items: 01141011664