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'realtime rd 405 biometric attendnace machine'
REALTIME RS 405 BIOMETRIC FINGERPRINT AADHAAR ATTENDANCE MACHINE Latest aadhar biometric attendance machine form Realtime is RS 405 with safety net pass confirmation and uprooted tab for enhanced security of the server. Realtime RS405 is a very good model for all your aadhar linked attendance marking & reporting requirements. This biometric attendance machine is compatible for Aadhaar server application for all the states of India and have STQC Certification & UIDAI Certification. Contact us for your requirements.
Realtime RS 405 Attendanc
Realtime RS 405 Attendance machine for Aadhar Linked UIDAI Approved AEBAS Advance biometric attendance machine with latest hardware as per UIDAI server requirement and guidelines. Safety Net Pass Biometric Attendance Machine Unrooted Biometric Attendance machine Machine can be tested for both the features required by Aadhar Server Compulsorily.
Realtime RS 405 Aadhaar B
Realtime RS 405 Aadhaar Biometric Attendance Machine- Safety Net Pass & Unrooted Device for Attendance Through Aadhar Server Fingerprints. This is one of the latest machine with Android version 4.4 and up to 6.0 for latest Aadhaar software and UIDAI guidelines. Device is RD Server Aadhar Registered for using directly with UIDAI AEBAS Application through Attendance Server. This device is with with Wifi, GPRS & LAN Port for Communication. Finger Scanner Type: Startek FM220 Call our technical team for more information & sales team for best prices.
Wi- Fi Biometric Attendna
Wi- Fi Biometric Attendnace Machine- Fingerprint Reader We supply, Install and provide training for wi-fi communication absed time attendnace machine. Time Attendance sofwtare with reproting is supplied with the machine. Biometric Attendnace Machine for offices.
Realtime RS405 Biometric
Realtime RS405 Biometric Aadhaar Attendance System Reltime RS-405 is most suitable biometric device which can work as attendance machine in connection with AAdhar server securely as it is safety net pass and unrooted device as directed by the Aadhaar Authorities of India. This AAdhar biometric attendance machine matches all the necessary requirements of aadhar linked attendance process recommended by NIC & UIDAI in India.