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Mantra Single Iris Scanne
Mantra Single Iris Scanner Sensor for Eyes Based Identification of Indian Citizens Through Aadhar Server on Real Time Basis. Mantra iris scanner is advance 15 cm iris scanner which is STQC & UIDAI approved and registered with Aadhar Services for compatibility and connectivity with all aadhar based EKYC and other applications. Mantra Model MIS100 is the one of the most suitable device available for iris authentication and have minimum FRR ration advantage over all types of fingerprint scanner available for identification. Contact our team for more information and prices as per the requirements. Applications: Identification & Verification for pension schemes of all states in country, banks EKYC, All AEBAS iris Aplications and useful for CSC Application for Aadhar Update.
Face Reader Biometric for
Face Reader Biometric for Office Attendance Face is one of the most trusted and user friendly biometeic identity which has very less rejection and highest accuracy. Face reader access and attendance machine reads bone structure of the face geometry instead of surface which is the main reason why face sensors does not get effected with the changes on human surface, for example if impression of face is taken without glasses/ specticles while identification one can wear specs or vice versa. same with the hairs on the face surface, they does never effect the face biometric process at any point of time, that's why it is one of the neat reliable technology available for identification of a person from his face and provide necessary access in office door or attendance. For more information contact our team of experts.
Face Reader Biometric Att
Face Reader Biometric Attendnace system. Face identification and record keeping system with machine and software. Face Time Attendance machines are one of the most hi tech technology which overcomes the Fingerpeint mismatch and fingerpeint variation problems as face is identified with bone structure matrix which naver changes with time and conditions. This gives maximum accuracy without rejection and improves the quality of complete system. Fore more information and implementation of the given system, Contact our team at: 01141011664
Mantra Iris Scanner for A
Mantra Iris Scanner for Aadhar Update and Other EKYC Applications is available with STQC certification and RD Services for UCL etc. This Iris Scanner is the best Iris product for Use in Aadhar Linked Applications like Pension Scheme and all other Govt. Schemes which have 15 cm read range and a highly reliable hardware to process the iris identification and verification process in connection with Aadhar number. We distribute this product from our Delhi Office Which is Authorized Distribution Channel of Mantra Softech in Delhi India.