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'fingerprint attendnace machine for employee staff in out time recording in delhi gurgaon noida ncr india'
Mantra Range of Biometric
Mantra Range of Biometric Attendance Machines Include BioTime-16 Biuotime16 is one of the best models for time attendnace recording & management of staff in small & medium offices. Fingerprint Attendance & Door Access Control Solution acn be designed using Bio time 16 finger, card & password based machine with inbuilt Battery Backup. Contact Mantra Distrubution Team, New Delhi Phone: +91-11-41011664 Mobile: +91-9811410963, 8708734212
Wi- Fi Biometric Attendna
Wi- Fi Biometric Attendnace Machine- Fingerprint Reader We supply, Install and provide training for wi-fi communication absed time attendnace machine. Time Attendance sofwtare with reproting is supplied with the machine. Biometric Attendnace Machine for offices.
Mantra Biometric Machime
Mantra Biometric Machime MFSTAB AEBAS Aadhar based biometric fingerprint attendance machine is very useful solution for maintaining the punctuality in maintaining the punctuality and keeping attendance records in Govt. Offices AE BAS, PMKVY Institutes, Attendance of College/ school staff and students, Jeevan Pranam, Prisons, ESIC, NDLM, APNA CSC, Digital Locker, Jharkhand AEBAS, Jharkhand Skill Dev, Digipay, RSLDC, UIDAI Child, Enrollment, CSE Centers Manrega Roshan Project, DDA, Haryana School Development, Uttrakhand AEBAS, Uttrakhand Aadhar Attendnace System Projects and all other STQC Certified Projects.
Staff Attendance Machine-
Staff Attendance Machine- Biometric Fingerprint We are the supplier for all types of Office Attendance System, Biometric Access Control System, Card Attendance and Face Reader Time Attendance Machines and Software. For Delhi & Gurgaon, Contact Our Team: Phone: +91-11-41011664 Mobile: +91-9811410963, 8708734212
Managing data is the most
Managing data is the most essential part of every business and non profit organosations today. Time Attendance Management and Employee Record Keeping is one of the main part of all the modules. Recording Attendace of employees tgrough vey reliable biometric or card machines and sending the recorded date in server on reltime basis is the necessity of almost every business today. The automatic time attendaance system not only keeps the record but also help in saving of work hours waste due to a non regular employee and improves discipline through out the organisation.