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Startek FM220U is one of
Startek FM220U is one of the latest fingerprint scanenr with STQC Certification and Aadhar Certificate. This scanner has a very good performance and reasonable competitive prices in the range of aadhar linked bioemtric devices. This scanner comes with RD services and works with almost all the Govt. Scahemes and Applications.
DAHUA CCTV SYSTEM WITH COMPLETE ACCESSORIES. Dahua CCTV camera with HDTVI and IP interface with DVR and NVR recorders are available at a very good price and outstanding after sales service and support. High quality hardware with latest technology gives better video recording and playback performance.
One of the Fingerprint Sc
One of the Fingerprint Scanner with FBI & STQC Approval gives outstanding performance and comes as model Secugen Hamster Pro20. This fingerprint scanner can be procured with SDK for sofwtare development and compatibility. This is very easy ti use device type and driver for the same can be donloaded cor use on computer. This device is very useful to be used in EKYC Sim Card Activation Aadhar Enrolllment, Aadhar Update Apna CSC and Many other Applications being used in India.
White Listed Mantra MF100
White Listed Mantra MF100 Fingerprint Scanner is the best choice for all types of Aadhar Linked Paper Verification EKYC being used in almost all the current aadhar applications running within the country. Mantra Finger device is made ready with Aadhar Server Registration and Activation to keep it ready to use for the customer. Complete process of whitelisting or RD Service Activation of MFS100 Scanner is performed by the Manufacturer.
Morpho Biometric Fingerpr
Morpho Biometric Fingerprint Scanner for Bank Use. Morpho MSO1300E3 with RD service Activation is the best model for Bank Computer Login Computer Security and all other bank applications authentication. This STQC Certified USB Fingerprint Scanner from Idemia Safran Morpho Makes provides best biometric sensor and hardware performance for use in private, limited and government banks. Contact our team for more information.