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Mantra Time Attendnace So
Mantra Time Attendnace Software for Biometric Attendance System PayTime, one of the best time attendnace software with advance features of biometric attendance & user data collection and reporting. Contact Mantra Distrubution Team, New Delhi Phone: +91-11-41011664 Mobile: +91-9811410963, 8708734212
Wi- Fi Biometric Attendna
Wi- Fi Biometric Attendnace Machine- Fingerprint Reader We supply, Install and provide training for wi-fi communication absed time attendnace machine. Time Attendance sofwtare with reproting is supplied with the machine. Biometric Attendnace Machine for offices.
Realtime Time Attendance
Realtime Time Attendance Sofwtare- Realsoft We supply, install & provide complete training & support for realsoft time attendnace sofwtare of realtime. maintenance of all types of realtime time attendance system. For Details Visit:
Face Reader Biometric Att
Face Reader Biometric Attendnace system. Face identification and record keeping system with machine and software. Face Time Attendance machines are one of the most hi tech technology which overcomes the Fingerpeint mismatch and fingerpeint variation problems as face is identified with bone structure matrix which naver changes with time and conditions. This gives maximum accuracy without rejection and improves the quality of complete system. Fore more information and implementation of the given system, Contact our team at: 01141011664
We are the supplier for l
We are the supplier for latest model of Aadhar Enabmed Biometric Attendnace System in Delhi, this mode is STQC certified, UIDAI Certified and contains battery backup with proximity or access cards reader. Attendance marking process is getting smarter with common biometric attednance machine with aadhar serevr registration and authentication. These machines provide complete attendnace based on AAdhaar Sever with wi-fi & gprs interface. SPECIFICATIONS for COMMON BIOMETRIC ATTENDANCE SYSTEM (AADHAAR BASED) STQC Certified single finger-print biometric device for AADHAR Authentication and extractor software / SDK. Enable to support to various RFID readers like proximity reader or Mi-fare Reader Data Retention. No Data loss in case of power failure . Online/Offline software makes individual operation easy to manage Inbuilt battery backup to ensure 99.9% uptime Compatible with state of the art time track, Bio-pay software 1:1 or 1: N Fingerprint Matching Functions API/SDK for Window (7.0 and above) platform Plug & Play with any Window (7.0 and above) without need of any additional license Integrated USB 2.0 type connectivity Inbuilt Connector Cables to allow connection of the device to Micro USB and Standard USB Ports .