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Mantra Makes it possible to provide Aadhaar Enabled Biometric Attendance System on Good Prices. We are the authorized distributor for Mantra Aadhaar Enabled Biometric Attendance System and keeps the stock for all other Mantra Biometric Machines & Scanners. These machines can be used for AEBAS of Govt. Offices Skill Centers PMKVY Centers and all other areas where biometric attendance through aadhar server is compulsory.
Startek FM220U is one of the latest fingerprint scanenr with STQC Certification and Aadhar Certificate. This scanner has a very good performance and reasonable competitive prices in the range of aadhar linked bioemtric devices. This scanner comes with RD services and works with almost all the Govt. Scahemes and Applications.
Latest new Registered Mantra MFS 100- RD Register Device for Aadhar Applications is Available at Best Prices. Contact Our Supply Team: Phone: +91-1-41011664 Mobile: +91-9811410963
AADHAR BIOMETRIC ATTENDANCE MACHINE, AEBAS- MANTRA MFS TAB The conbination of android based TAB and STQC fingerprint scanner is a good assembly and a provide a platform for employee attendance management through aadhar biometric data authentication. For Complete Specifications and Requirement Please Visit:
RFID Access Card- 125 Khs Normal Proximity Buy RFID Access Cards on Best Prices, We offer Rnage of Access cards with access card readers for access control, time attendance & various other applications. Contact oor Sales Team New Delhi Phone: +91-11-41011664