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Smart i RFID Card Door Ac
Smart i RFID Card Door Access Control System Smart i provide complete range of card based door access control system. RFID & Mifare Card readers are manufactured with very high product standards & quality. we Supply install, test & commission complete set of Smart i Access Control Panel for 2 Door or 4 Doors, Smart i Door Access Reader, Locks, Exit Switches/ Buttons etc. Smart i General Product Models for Access Control: Access Control Panels- SmartXS, SmartXS NG, SmartXS NG Plus, SmartXS 1U, SmartDIS. Reader models: SmartRID, SmartProx (Smart i Access Control Panels also Support HID Readers.) Access control Software- SmartCOMMANCONTROL, SmartACCESS Contact us for more information & prices.
If Searching for Elevator
If Searching for Elevator Smart Card Access Control System, know about technology for better solution for ease of implementation and use. Smart card readers are installed near lift operating or calling buttons to control the lifts for elevators for limited use. This system enables to use card or fingerprint for authentication and verification to grant access to lifts elevators door.
Access Card for Door Acce
Access Card for Door Access Control System We are the main supplier for all types of RFID cards, Proximity Cards, Contactless Access Cards, HID Proximity cards, Smart Cards, Mifare cards, HID iClass Cards and all other cards based on chip based technologies. Contact our team for more information: 01141011664 New Delhi
Card Access Machine for O
Card Access Machine for Office Door. Door card access control system is supplied and installed with em lock and accessories which is the common type of front door security system and record keeping for attendance etc Using access card for entey and exit of the office gate is very easy to use credential for authenticated office entry. only authorised persons can enter the office with valid access card only. Card Technologies- Smart Card Mifare, Proximity RFID Access Card, HID Proximity Access Card etc. Contact our team for more information and price.