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You recently received Pay
You recently received Paytm EKYC franchisee service work and need biometric scanner for fingerprint matching with aadhar card number and needs to get all the details updated in aadhar account, then Mantra MFS100 is the best suitable device and have a best lowest price in industry. Mantra Fingerpeint scanner has a very good performance and advantage of both types of connectors USB and Micro USB or OTG Support for Mobile. Accessing customer details with biometric device is very easy using mantra finger scanner. You can contact our team for availability and deliveey of devices at customer place. STQC certificate can be given for the device as and when is required.
Face Reader Biometric Att
Face Reader Biometric Attendnace system. Face identification and record keeping system with machine and software. Face Time Attendance machines are one of the most hi tech technology which overcomes the Fingerpeint mismatch and fingerpeint variation problems as face is identified with bone structure matrix which naver changes with time and conditions. This gives maximum accuracy without rejection and improves the quality of complete system. Fore more information and implementation of the given system, Contact our team at: 01141011664
Managing data is the most
Managing data is the most essential part of every business and non profit organosations today. Time Attendance Management and Employee Record Keeping is one of the main part of all the modules. Recording Attendace of employees tgrough vey reliable biometric or card machines and sending the recorded date in server on reltime basis is the necessity of almost every business today. The automatic time attendaance system not only keeps the record but also help in saving of work hours waste due to a non regular employee and improves discipline through out the organisation.
Advance Technology Dahua
Advance Technology Dahua HDCVI DVR HCVR5416L V2 is a hybrid DVR for CCTV which is used with old analog cameras, current HD cameras, and 2 channels for IP camera. Dahua’s advance latest Tribrid Technology enables us to keep using old analog and HDCVI cameras while at the same time upgrading to Latest technology high resolution HD and IP Cameras . Dahua high technology DVR lets us to install all three types of camera types available in the market. Dahua 5416 DVR has 4 SATA port whih can use up to 6TB hard disk on each port. This improves the volume of storage and allows to keep more recorded data for months as per the requirement, compliance and company policies. Call our technical team for more information and price: 011-41011664
Mantra MFSTAB Authorised Distributor The MFSTAB Terminal is all-in-one, affordable, WiFi enabled terminal. It can be used for various applications such as Time Attendance, Access Control, Workflow Management, Canteen Management, Visitor Management, Worker Management etc. This innovative Biometric clock will dramatically improve your ability to monitor your workforce movements during their working patterns and with features that gives you better time and management reporting. The MFSTAB is suitable for both basic to moderately complex time and attendance requirements. The 7" Touch screen offers a wide range of possibilities, starting from the classical Time recording App to a complex Factory Data Collection App or a high-security solution with access queries supported by a comparison of live images with stored images or audio-visual communication to a Service Command Centre, e.g. for Data centres. Everything is possible. For more details please call us on 981141093 or visit us on: