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Biometric Access Control
Biometric Access Control System We are one of the best supplier and service provider for Biometric Door Access Control System in Delhi & Gurgaon. Biometric Door Access Control System is Both Door Control and Time Attendance System for the office. This system can be installed on glass door, wooden door or metal door with fingerprint or face reader access control device, exit button and electronic lock. In case of multiple doors distributed access conteol system is designed with biometric or card based readers and controllers. These solutions are customized as per the office type, door requirements and type of record required for the employees with different software applications.
Using Biometric Fingerpri
Using Biometric Fingerprint Scanners is very common and became the part of day-today life these days. Mantra MFS100 V54 Fingerprint Scanner model is the best suited model for all types of Aadhar EKYC and other enrollment and authentication software applications in different fields; Govt. Schemes Sim Card Activation, Aadhar Verification for Jeevan Praman Yojana Aadhar EKYC for Paytm, Aadhar EKYC for Mutual Funds, Aadhar EKYC for Banks, EKYC for RBI linked Applications and many more current processes and schemes.
We are the designer and s
We are the designer and supplier of latest technology products of HID. All type of readers cards and software for HID equipments is designed and supplied as pe the requirements. Ask our team for your current HID card type requirements readers controllers or special high tech equipments. HID proximity cards are available in all format and bit size. HID i class cards are available in all formats and types. We also provide latest HID controller with web software launched recently thi month.
We are the supplier for a
We are the supplier for all types RFID Cards and Readers. Latest technology rugged access cards are available in 125 Khz Frequency Range with thin and thick packaging as per the requirement. We have Reader with RFID card compatibility and compact size which suitable for all type of interiors and locations. Best Lowest Price of All types of cards available.
Startek Biometric Fingerp
Startek Biometric Fingerprint Scanner- FM220 USB for Computer Micro USB or OITG for Mobile STQC certified startek Fm-220 for all types of EKYC and Aadhar Linked Applications. This device is available in white colour and can be used in all types of aadhar related software for KYC of the customer.